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Navigating To Photographs:

      The quickest way to go to a new gallery is by clicking it's link in one of the posts I make on my Facebook page.

      Another way to go to a new gallery is by clicking it's link on the list on the right hand side of the main page of the Claxton Photography web site. As I post new photographs to my galleries I place a link to them at the top of that list. As I put a new link on the top of the list, I remove one from the bottom.

      If the link has been removed from the 'Recently Uploaded Galleries' list, or you would just like to browse around the galleries to see what is out there, you can follow the procedure below.

      First, go to the photograph galleries by clicking on the link on the main page called 'All Picture Galleries.' That will take you to the main level of the galleries.

      From there you can navigate by clicking on the major area of interest. These are schools, institutions, etc. that I have shot for or at. Once you click on that level you will go to the next level where that main area is broken down into sub sections, usually by year. After clicking on the year or other area of interest at this level you will go to another level, and potentially others. It depends on how much I have shot for that area and how finely I thought I needed to divide the photographs up.

      There are some areas of the web site that are password protected. To see those areas you will need to know the password, supplied by me.

      Once you have found a gallery or collection that you would like to come back to again you can save it's web address as a favorite or bookmark. The address should never change.

      One last thing about moving to different galleries more quickly. For example, you are at the gallery of the BSHS women's basketball game vs Abilene Cooper in the 2010/2011 season you will see a line (known as "Bread Crumbs", at the top-left of the page, that looks like:
Home>>Big Spring High School>>2010/2011>>Women's Basketball>>vs Abilene Cooper, 11/13/2010
Let's say you now want to go to the men's basketball game at Sweetwater in the same season. The quick way to do this is to click on the '2010/2011' section of the 'Bread Crumb Trail' to go back to that level of the gallery structure. Then click on 'Men's Basketball' then 'at Sweetwater, 2/5/2011'. You're there. At every click the bread crumb trail is updated to reflect the area in my galleries you are in.

Searching For Photographs:

      When I load photographs into the photo galleries I try to assign key words to each photo to make it easier to find. If I know a person's name I will use it, i.e. Tony. I will also put the activity as a keyword, such as football, volleyball, basketball and other words like that. I also put the year like 2008, 2009, etc.

      Several years ago I came to the conclusion that just using a person's first name wasn't going to cut it. So I began using both names. So, to begin the search, you might try using the first and last name, like john smith. If you find nothing then change the search to use just the first name, john.

      For example: Let's say that you want to find all photographs of Andrea Passing during the Volleyball season of 2009. In the search box, after you go to 'All Picture Galleries' from the main page, type 'andrea pass volleyball 2009'. Type it without the quotes. In the group of photographs that is found, some of them are of Andrea passing the ball. Some of the photographs may be of other people passing the ball, but Andrea is in the photograph as well.

      Unfortunately, this might not find all of the photographs you are in or you are trying to find. Out of the hundreds of photographs I load onto the web site each month during sports seasons I don't get them all marked correctly. Or I might misspell a name. I try and get it all right, but sometimes things slip by.

      For those of you that remember when the photos were on Flickr, when I migrated the older photos from Flickr to Zenfolio the way I set it up separated the key words into main words at the gallery level and then key words that were unique to each photo are on the individual photographs. When searching for photos Zenfolio won't find photographs where some of the key words are at the gallery level and some are at the photo level. I didn't realize this when I set things up. I'm going to try to fix this at some future point by moving the gallery key words to the photographs also, but that will be a long time coming. There are thousands of photographs that will need to be fixed.

Purchasing Photographs:

      You probably already realize this, but the copyright notice that Zenfolio places on the photographs in the photograph galleries will not appear on any of the photographs that are purchased. It doesn't matter if you select the digital downloads or are purchasing printed photographs from one of the labs that Zenfolio partners with. The copyright notice won't be there.

      When you arrive at a photograph gallery you are interested in, you will have the option of adding the chosen photograph or the entire gallery to your shopping cart. As you add photographs to the cart you will be asked for what products you want to purchase with that particular photograph on it as well as telling Zenfolio how you want the photograph cropped. Select the item you want at this time. This will range from a digital download of the image to prints, coffee mugs and clothing as well as other items. You may go to different galleries to select other photographs to add to the cart before checkout.

      When you finish selecting the photographs you would like to purchase then click on the shopping cart button at the top of the page to go to the checkout system. From here you can make last minute changes to your order such as cropping, paper type, etc.

      For each item you select, excluding digital downloads, you may need to specify how you want your image cropped. This is caused by some printed formats not exactly matching the format of the digital image file. The default crop is to take the center portion of the image but you might want to change that. Any item that requires your intervention will have a notice in red that says '(needs your confirmation)'. Click on that and then align and resize the crop box until it is like you want it. Apply the changes, if any, and then do the same to any other items that require it. When finished you can continue to the next screen. From here on the procedure is pretty straight-forward. See this page for an explanation of Aspect Ratios and a short explanation of why you sometimes have to crop photographs.

      If you bought digital downloads you will get an email with some instructions on it and a link to a 'Download Page.' When you click that link you go to a personalized page for your digital order. If you ordered several photographs and are downloading them to a computer the easiest way would be to click on the "DOWNLOAD ALL PURCHASED ITEMS" button. This will download a zipped file, which contains all of your purchased digital files, to your computer. You then unzip the file, on your computer, which will extract all of the jpegs. If you are wanting to download your photographs to a phone or tablet, you have to go below the previous section, to a box that says "Digital Products" at the top. Within that box will be a list of all the photographs you purchased. For each photograph, you click on the "Download to my computer" link. When the photograph pops up on your phone/tablet, you need to save it on your phone/tablet. On my iPhone/iPad you do this by touching and holding on the photograph until you get a menu. One of the choices on that menu is "Save Image." When you select the "Save Image" option the photograph will be stored to your camera roll. I'm not sure how to do this on an Android device but it is probably similar, if not exactly the same.

      Zenfolio has added some short videos to help explain the buying process. If you are interested in watching them you can click here to view the videos.

Facebook Notifications:

      If you would like notifications of when new photographs are posted you can follow Claxton Photography on Facebook.

      Just click on the 'Follow on Facebook' button on the main page of the Claxton Photography web site to go to the Claxton Photography Facebook page. Click the 'Like' link close to the top of the page to begin receiving notifications when I post new photographs on the web site.

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